Mobile Care Station - Integrated with PointClickCare EHR system

Patient room with FORA MCS

  • Scalability

Choose only vital signs devices that you need to control facility’s device costs.

  • Time Savings

Collected Vital Signs measurements can be reviewed before uploaded into PointClickCare® EHR – Ensuring correct measurements are imported into PointClickCare® EHR and reducing errors in data reporting.

  • Error Reduction

Fewer manual entries by facility personnel – Reduced opportunity for human error.

  • HIPAA Compliant

Complex encryption and authentication measures meet or exceed all HIPAA requirements – FORA Mobile Care Station solution potentially reduces your overall HIPAA violation exposure.

  • Advanced Medical Devices

Unique ForaCare 2-in-1 D40 Pro device offers both Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose monitoring solutions in one device – Eliminate the need to buy two separate devices thereby reducing your cost.

Scalable and Customizable Solution

Icon - User Friendly

  • Allow all staffing levels to use with confidence. One single login on the App with PointClickCare® credentials.
  • Patient’s profile picture automatically pulled from PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Vital Signs automatically populate into the iFORA CS (PCC) App, and can be reviewed before uploaded into PointClickCare® EHR.

Icon - Data Integrity

  • Confirm patient identity via patient’s profile picture from PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Review and confirm vital signs measurements prior to uploading to PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Implementation of complex encryption reduces possibility of a data breach.

Icon -PointClickCare Fully Integrated System

  • Authorized Developer Partner of PointClickCare®
  • A smooth, seamless solution for your Vital Signs Collection needs.
  • App driven solution eliminates the need for complex “Firmware Updates” in other existing systems.