Mobile Care Station - Integrated with PointClickCare EHR system

  • Scalability

Choose only vital signs devices that you need to control the facility’s device costs.

  • Time Savings

Collected vital signs measurements can be reviewed before uploaded into PointClickCare® EHR. This ensures correct measurements are imported into PointClickCare® EHR and reduces errors in data reporting.

  • Error Reduction

Fewer manual entries by facility personnel mean reduced opportunity for human error.

  • HIPAA Compliant

Complex encryption and authentication measures meet or exceed all HIPAA requirements. The FORA Mobile Care Station solution potentially reduces your overall HIPAA violation exposure.

  • Advanced Medical Devices

Unique ForaCare 2-in-1 D40 Pro device offers both blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring solutions in one device. Eliminate the need to buy two separate devices thereby reducing your cost.

Scalable and Customizable Solution

Icon - User Friendly

  • Allow all staffing levels to use with confidence. Use one single login on the app with PointClickCare® credentials.
  • Patient’s profile picture automatically pulls from the PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Vital signs automatically populate into the iFORA CS (PCC) app and can be reviewed before uploaded into the PointClickCare® EHR.

Icon - Data Integrity

  • Confirm patient identity via patient’s profile picture from PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Review and confirm vital signs measurements prior to uploading to PointClickCare® EHR.
  • Implementation of complex encryption reduces the possibility of a data breach.

Icon -PointClickCare Fully Integrated System

  • Authorized Developer Partner of PointClickCare®.
  • A smooth, seamless solution for your vital signs collection needs.
  • App-driven solution eliminates the need for complex “Firmware Updates” in other existing systems.