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TeleHealth Gateway
TeleHealth Gateway Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Mobility Solutions TeleHealth Software

Interface for Communication & Configuration
GW9014A – RS232
GW9014B – Bluetooth

● Communication Protocol: TCP/IP-, SOAP, XML, PPP, SOAP, XML, HTTP
● Connection via Ethernet/Dial-Up
● Easy to Use: Simply Plug & Transmit
● Built-in Drivers for ForaCare’s Healthcare Devices
● LED Light & Sound Indication

ForaCare Diabetes Care: blood sugar meters, Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meters, TeleHealth Solutions, and diabetes testing supplies to help you manage your blood sugar levels

Bridge the Gap Between Physicians Care and Diabetes Self Management

FORA TeleHealth System offers patients better access to their health data and allows carers to remotely monitor the patient’s health conditions via the internet. The software accurately collects data in digital format and incorporate it into an digital record that can be transmitted securely. Patients, family, care providers and consultants can easily analyse the health record remotely and respond efficiently.