Auto temperature screening device - FORA ATMS

Non-contact system avoids cross infection

FDA approved non-contact forehead thermometer

Highly accurate results in 2-4 seconds

Step up to the FORA Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS) to self-check your temperature as it automatically takes your temperature upon approach.

FORA® Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS)

Non-contact Temperature System Detects from 1.97” to 2.75”(5 to 7cm)

Maintain A Safe Workplace FORA ATMS helps to maintain a safe workplace by monitoring everyone’s temperature

Voice Function

Countertop Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS)

Medical Grade Wheeled Station

Medical Grade Wheeled Station

  • 10.2 inch iPad holder
  • Adjustable tube with thermometer holder
  • Robust and stable wheels
  • All components meet medical-grade requirements
  • Basket & plate accessories

FDA Approved FORA IR42


  • Advanced Infrared Technology
  • Accurate and precise
  • Clinically validated with ±0.2ºC accuracy
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • LED backlight display with large digits


iPad (Default)

  • 10.2 inch screen
  • Wi-Fi
  • iFORA TM App: FORA Temperature Monitoring Software
  • Data uploaded to cloud system (optional)
  • Connect to a thermal printer for portrait and temperature print out (optional)

ATMS Thermal Printer

ATMS Thermal Printer (Optional)

  • Temperature print out with date and time
  • Portrait photo included in the print out paper
  • Use for Day Pass implementation

Remote Dashboard

ATMS Cloud System

  • High temperature email alerts
  • Identify and track employees with distinct QR code
  • Create and manage health screening questionnaire

Countertop ATMS Stand

Countertop ATMS Stand

  • iPad holder
  • Adjustable thermometer holder
  • Easily set up
  • Hands-free design