Built-in health survey for employees and visitors to help with compliance standards

“Stay Closer” Prompt

Smart Displays

QR Code

Email Alert It will send an email once it detects the userr has a fever.

Remote Dashboard Forehead temperature monitoring cloud system

ATMS Cloud System

  • Email alerts for abnormal temperatures
  • Export reports for employees and visitors
  • Customizable health screening survey
  • Easily import employee QR codes

Health Screening Survey

Verbally Answer “Yes” or “No” in response to each survey question.

The color coded display differentiates between normal or abnormal temperatures An abnormal temperature will also sound an alarm.

  • Answer with voice for a completely touchless system
  • Choose to use the screening for visitors only or for both employees and visitors
  • Confirm a “yes” answer to ensure a precise response
  • An alarm will sound and users who answer “yes” to any question will be directed to follow personalized instructions on what to do next