FORA TeleHealth Software

FORA’s TeleHealth Software is a complete and remote monitoring healthcare connection between patients and their health care team via an internet-based data management system. Our software accurately collects data in digital format and incorporates that data into an electronic record that can be securely transmitted. Patients, family, primary healthcare managers and consultants can easily analyze the data from any location and efficiently respond to the patient’s data trend.

With the uploaded test results, TeleHealth Software generates a Daily Run Chart that reveals an overall review of daily tests, as well as day average over different time spans, which facilitate caregivers to analyze data trends and provide feedbacks for the patients.

Test results are sorted based on the time of testing in a day, as well as pre or post-prandial markings, and are then averaged by interval.

Measurements in different intervals are compared to target levels, and results are displayed in a pie chart format for better understanding on how the body reacts to ingested sugars before and after each meal, and on different times of the day.

Compliance with prescribed testing frequency is crucial to diabetes management. Our TeleHealth Software offers the review of number of daily measurements and frequency analysis. Caregivers can evaluate compliance and advice patients to achieve better health management and outcome.

FORA HealthCare System Software

The FORA HealthCare System is a Windows-based software program that provides patients with an easy way to manage their measurements. It also organizes and presents the measurement data in a way that can be efficiently analyzed by their health care professionals, giving both the patient and their care professionals more control.

FORA Healthcare System Software features the following functions:

  • Transmit results from a meter to your PC
  • Use electronic data instead of a logbook
  • Present the test results’ trends and statistics
  • Easily share your data with your doctors

Software Downloads

For patient use only. Healthcare professionals please contact Fora Care at or call 805-498-8188 for a professional version of the software or a live demo.

Device descriptionSupport model numberRelease DateSupports Operation SystemSoftware
Blood Glucose MonitorsG20, G30, GD20, GD50, V30, Premium V10, Premium V10 BLE, Premium V12, Premium V12 Voice, Pro Voice V 8, Pro Voice V9, TN’G, TN’G Voice
2022.11.07Windows 10 or later
Multi-Functional MonitorsTest N'GO Advance, Test N'GO Advance Voice, 6 Connect
Blood Pressure MonitorsP20, TN'G BP
2-in-1 Blood Pressure MonitorsD20, D40


1.For Windows 7 or 8 users, please download the software “Here“.  These operation systems only support RS232 cable devices.

2.The FORA Healthcare System does not give medical advice in managing your diabetes.  Before making use of the blood glucose and blood pressure reports, please consult with your doctor.