ForaCare Warranty Information

The Manufacturer* (ForaCare) warrants that the FORA Medical Devices shall be free from defects in material or workmanship after the date of purchase provided it is not modified, altered, or misused. 

This warranty extends only to the original purchaser and is not assignable or transferable, and shall not apply to auxiliary equipment or disposable accessories. 

ForaCare warrants to replace any defective or non-performing device with the same or most similar model available as determined by ForaCare. 

ForaCare warrants the performance of our devices (see detail description below) after the date of purchase in accordance with its specifications if it is used as directed and provided that the failure to perform or misperformance of the device has not been caused in whole or in part by misuse, unauthorized modifications, external causes such as acts of nature, accidents, or abuse. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage to any FORA product used in connection with this product.Any commercial use of any FORA devices sold for the purpose of home health care use and personal health management will shorten the product warranty period to 90 days or be treated as a breach of our warranty policy .

Warranty Length by Product Category:

  • FORA Blood Glucose Monitor for Home Use = 5 Years
  • FORA Blood Pressure Monitor = 2 years
  • FORA 2-in-1 Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure Monitor = 2 years
  • FORA Thermometer = 1 year
  • FORA Weight Scale = 1 year
  • SootheNeb Nebulizer = 1 year
  • Vital Sign Monitor (VSM100 Pro) = 2 years
  • Hand-held Pulse Oximeter (PO100) = 2 years
  • TNG Finger-type SpO2 = 1 year