FORA® Auto Temperature Measurement Station (ATMS) Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the best practices for implementing the ATMS?

The ATMS is designed to be placed at entrances indoors. Although outdoor placement is possible, the system would need to be placed in the shade, such as under a tent, so the thermometer and iPad are not in direct sunlight or rain. We recommend marking the measurement waiting areas with yellow tape to clearly guide users on maintaining social distancing standards.

What is the estimated set up time?

Stand assembly takes approximately 30 minutes while the iFORA TM app configuration takes less than 10 minutes if the Wi-Fi connection is ready.

What should I pay attention to when setting up the ATMS?
  • Angle the thermometer sensor toward the forehead (vertical to the ground).
  • After powering on the iPad, allow 8 seconds for calibration.
  • Keep the area in front of the thermometer clear from heat, light, or windy sources.
  • We recommend marking the standing position on the ground to guide users on maintaining the proper distance with the thermometer.
How much space does station require?

Approximately 4 square inches and 5’5” height.

What if someone is too tall or too short and they touch the station?

We suggest adjusting and setting the thermometer at a lower height so that taller people can squat or bend their knees during a temperature scan. Another approach is to set up two stations to accommodate different height ranges: one adjusted at a higher height and one at a lower height. We also suggest sanitizing the easily accessible places regularly in case a person does make their own adjustments.

Are there instructions for the public to see or should someone be manning the ATMS?

An instruction board is attached to the ATMS. Additionally, instructions like “Stay closer/Stay still” will appear on the screen. There is no need to assign someone to survey the devices; however, there should be someone nearby to guide anyone with higher readings.

At what temperature will the alarm go off?

The default temperature for the alarm is set at 99.5° F and above. You can reset the threshold in the settings, but please be sure to assign a proper value suitable to your environment.

May I turn off the photo function?

Yes, you can turn off the photo function in settings.

Why does the screen turn dark and what should I do to light up the screen?

A power saving mode is built in the app. When the ATMS is not in use, the app will be on a standby mode in order to extend the device’s battery life. When users step up to the ATMS, the display screen will light up again. You can switch off the power saving mode in Settings->About and the display screen will remain bright.

What is face detection used for?

Face detection is used to identify when to trigger a measurement, especially when the environmental temperature is too high (more than 89.6o F) or when the forehead temperature is too low, such as if the user has just stepped inside from a cold area.

What’s the proper way to take a measurement?

Aim the forehead thermometer at the center of the forehead, approximately 1.97 to 2.75 inches away from the skin. You will hear a beep and the message “Stand Still during Measurement” will be displayed on your iPad.

How many stands are recommended for a shift per staff volume?

The average measurement speed is around 10 to 12 persons per minutes.

How long will the IR42b battery last?

The two AAA batteries provided with the IR42b will last approximately 160 hours (around 20 days, 8 hours per day).

How do I know if my device has a low battery?

The iFORA TM app will notify the user of a low battery using a pop-up message. The lifespan of your battery will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors such as frequency of testing. The forehead thermometer comes with two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries and the iPad comes with a lithium battery.

What do I do if I receive the error message “The thermometer’s authorization period has expired”?

This error message indicates that the thermometer is not authorized properly or authorization has expired. First, check if the Bluetooth connection is secure and pair it again if the connection was lost. If the error message persists, please contact ForaCare at 1-888-307-8188.

Where is the lens area for the portrait? How do I instruct users?

The camera is built in to the iPad. Users should look straight ahead and relax while the photo is taken.

What do I do if I cannot get a reading?

If you cannot get the reading on the screen, please make sure:

  • The Bluetooth icon is a blue color. If not, check the connection with the thermometer. The thermometer might be off or have a low battery.
  • The environmental temperature is not too high (more than 89.6° F). Avoid direct heat and sunlight projecting onto the thermometer. Additionally, a windy entrance might cause the sensor to fail.
  • You take a break before measuring your body temperature if you’ve just come from either a freezing or a hot environment.
  • You step back and move forward again if the iPad cannot display a reading after 6 seconds.
Why does my temperature fluctuate if I take a measurement several times?

The angle and the distance between the thermometer and the forehead are the main reasons. Please make sure the thermometer’s sensor is angled toward the forehead (vertical to the ground) and the user stands still approximately 1.97 to 2.75 inches in front of the thermometer.

Why does the app beep when no one is standing in front of it?

The sensor of the thermometer can be activated from the sunlight or other heat sources. Please move the station to another location or adjust the direction of the sensor. Keep the area in front of the thermometer clear from heat, light, or windy sources.

How long will the iPad battery sustain?

If the brightness auto adjustment turned on, the iPad will last at least 8 hours.

Will the iPad need to connect to the wireless network?

Yes, a Wi-Fi connection is necessary for the authentication on first use, data uploads, and any iFORA TM app upgrades.

Are there specific URLs or ports we need to open on our firewall?

You need to open port 80, 443, and 5223 in order to get a connection to the ATMS cloud and app upgrade services.

Who is configuring the iPad and the iFORA TM app?

We’ll guide the user through the iPad interface to finish the iPad and app configuration.

Should I update the iOS version?

We suggest NOT to upgrade to latest iOS version due to stability consideration. Please update to the latest APP (iFORA TM) version if necessary.

What can I do if the App would react abnormally or crash suddenly?

Please make sure if the APP (iFORA TM) is the latest updated version. If not, please update it and try again. If the problem persists, report to customer service with the iOS and APP version. Provide customer service the detailed description on the procedure causing the abnormal situation.

Will ATMS Cloud be expected to interface to any of our systems?

No, not at the moment. However, we might open the API for data retrieval in the future.

How will we use the logs and photos?

You may set an email notification for readings over the threshold. The records on the cloud provide traceability, if necessary.

Where is ATMS Cloud hosted?

In the U.S.

How can we access the data?

You’ll receive an authorized account on the cloud to review the readings and portraits.

Is the data going to FORA’s cloud?

Yes, the data will upload to the ATMS Cloud. However, you can turn off this option in the iFORA TM app settings.

How can I set up an email account to receive alert notifications?

Please click the configuration icon at the upper right side of the cloud interface. You will be guided to input the email address and temperature level for notifications.