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How do you calibrate the equipment?

Each of our devices is calibrated at the factory before shipment.

Who do I contact for reordering supplies?

You can use the Purchase Order (PO) form that was provided to you via or call (805) 498-8188.

How do you disinfect/clean the devices?

Cleaning and disinfecting instructions can be found in the manual for the respective device.

Why is the TN’G SpO2 taking so long to get a reading?

If your SpO2 is taking a while to get a reading, try one of the following:

  • Placing the TN’G SpO2 on the finger before turning it on so the first thing the light captures is your nail.
  • Make sure there is no nail polish on the nail as this can interfere with a reading.
  • See if the patient’s fingers are cold or have bad circulation. A warm hand washing or massage will get the blood flowing to this area.
If I need further assistance, who do I contact?

Email or call our customer support team at 805-498-8188.

What tablet can I use for MCS?

The iFora CS PCC app is only supported by iPad at this time.

What are the common error codes on devices?

See the manual for the specific FORA device. Each device has a manual with its specific common error codes.

What if I did the reading and it didn’t show up on the app?
  1. Make sure your Bluetooth device is connected to the app.
  2. If your devices are paired, try the reading again.
  3. If the upload fails, close out of the app, reopen it and try the measurement again.
  4. If problem continues, please contact ForaCare.
Common error codes on PCC:

2002: FORA Telehealth system setting error. Check and set correct group setting for the organization.
2003: The record is duplicated. Check the record on PCC system and remove the one in app.
2000 (401): PCC system unauthorized.
2000 (429 or 503): PCC system busy.
2000 (400 or 500): PCC system error. Check PCC system status. It’s caused by network or PCC system issues.
2000 (W00-W33): Error between FORA Telehealth system and PCC system. This is possibly caused by an API change.

Software Downloads
iFORA CS (PCC) App (iOS)

iFORA CS works with ForaCare’s Mobile Care Station to provide caregivers an easy-to-use and affordable solution for ward rounds in the hospital. The application records patients’ blood glucose, blood pressure, body temperature, and SpO2 readings, and presents them via a comprehensive user interface to facilitate the management of patients’ health data. During each measurement, the result is transmitted via Bluetooth to the application instantly, which makes the review of readings from different meter types much easier and saves time for handwriting.

User Manual
iFORA CS (PCC) APP User Manual
Instruction Videos