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Studies show remote patient monitoring and telehealth interventions using technology developed by ForaCare contribute to improved patient outcomes:

Technology-assisted case management (TACM) in diabetes

Researchers assessed the efficacy of TACM using the FORA 2-in-1 telehealth system in a rural population of adults with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. Medication was titrated regularly based on remote monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure. Patients enrolled in the TACM group had significantly lower HbA1c levels at six months (-0.99, P = 0.024) and a significantly faster rate of blood glucose improvement than patients enrolled under usual care (-0.16, P = 0.038). Researchers determined the intervention improved patient-provider communication, patient access to care and medication adherence.


Evidence for remote monitoring

An Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality review found remote monitoring was consistently associated with benefits for chronic conditions, including:

Remote Patient Monitoring Leads to Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients with chronic diseases are good candidates for remote patient monitoring. Chronic disease care requires frequent assessments, yet these patients may experience barriers to the appointments where assessments traditionally occur. Remote patient monitoring helps bridge this gap while also providing a more detailed picture of patient health.

Numerous studies support the value of remote monitoring for patients with a variety of chronic conditions. Generally, health improves and less care is needed after these technologies are put in place. Remote monitoring may even keep patients out of the hospital, leading to lower costs, fewer complications, and better health outcomes. Mayo Clinic researchers documented a 40-percentage-point reduction in 90-day readmissions or Emergency Department (ED) care among cardiac rehabilitation patients who used an app to monitor their cardiovascular risk factors. Just 20% of that group visited the ED or was readmitted, compared with 60% of control patients.

When merged with technology such as the FORA 24/7 HealthView Telehealth system on the clinical side, remote patient monitoring supports the care management that is so important to chronic disease outcomes. Clinicians who have the ability to access real-time changes in these metrics can modify medications, talk with patients, arrange necessary appointments or take other actions to stop a potential problem.

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