ForaCare Professional Offerings & Services

ForaCare is more than home monitors, we are also a go-to provider for accurate, portable and customizable professional solutions, that fit your clinical needs.

Vital Signs Monitor

ForaCare’s vital signs professional devices provide caregivers with comprehensive and affordable solutions for their monitoring needs. Combined with the iFORA CS application, our complete solution can fit most clinical scenarios.

Hospital-Grade Blood Glucose Monitors

The FORA MD Control monitor offers lab-quality accuracy at the bedside, and with patented multi-well strip technology, it has superior accuracy with no interferences from substances and eliminates glucose errors caused by varying hematocrit levels.

A1c Analyzers

The FORA A1C100 is a fully automatic Hemoglobin A1c Analyzer with an easy 3-step operation process. This small and easy-to-carry analyzer requires no pretreatment or pipetting, which reduces the chance for human error and the cartridge allows for zero clinical liquid waste.

Clinical Validation

As ForaCare continues to strive for excellence in clinical competency, our blood glucose monitoring systems continue to meet the emerging needs of higher accuracy in blood glucose measurement and meet new FDA and ISO criteria. Many of our blood glucose monitoring systems and blood pressure monitoring systems are clinically validated. Find out more by clicking the link below.

VSM100 Pro Vital Sign Monitor
  • Five Vitals: Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Body Temperature, SpO2 & Pulse
  • 3 communication options (Bluetooth, GPRS, or WiFi)
  • Patient ID and Operator ID are recorded with the barcode scanner
  • 7” TFT color LCD touch screen
Mobile Care Station
  • Measurements are transmitted wirelessly from the Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SpO2, and Thermometer devices to the iFORA CS App.
  • Patient ID and Operator ID are recorded with the barcode scanner
  • Patient records are sent directly from the iFORA CS app to the electronic medical record system
MD Control
Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Barcode Scan & Control
    • Operator ID
    • Patient ID
    • Strip Lot Number
  • QC data records
  • AC/PC test data records
  • Comment for record
  • Operator Training
  • Device will be locked for strip QC fail
  • Data synchronization with POCT system
  • Tiny sample volume (<0.2ul)
    • Painless blood collection procedure
    • No clinical liquid waste
  • All-in-one analyzer
    • Embedded thermal printer
    • Stores up to 10,000 results
  • Simple operation
    • Graphical user interface
    • Built-in tutorial
    • Fully automatic 3-step operation
    • No pretreatment; no pipetting required
    • Easy to carry