The FORA® Mobile Care Station’s features include:

  • The Latest Innovative Technology

The Mobile Care Station includes up to 5 devices that measure blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, temperature, and weight. The long-term care facility has the option to choose only the vital signs they need to help control costs.

  • Data Integrity

Prior to taking a patient’s measurements, the staff is able to confirm the patient’s identity through their patient profile picture on the iFORA CS (PCC) app. Plus, the nurse can verify the data before uploading results to the electronic health record.

  • A Reduction in Errors

Since measurements automatically populate from the meter to the iFORA CS (PCC) app, staff no longer needs to spend time transferring that information and none of that data will accidentally be written down incorrectly. This leads to a cut in costs as well.

  • HIPAA Compliant

The Mobile Care Station meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements because of its complex encryption and authentication measures, which can potentially reduce overall HIPAA violation exposure.

Watch the video for a more in-depth look at the Mobile Care Station’s features and functionality.