A Total TeleHealth Solution for Chronic Disease Management

  • Measure
    Using one of the many ForaCare medical devices, a measurement can be taken in a home or clinical setting.
  • Transmit
    The measurement data is then transmitted to the HIPAA compliant 24/7 HealthView cloud server via Bluetooth, 3G cellular signal, or cable connectivity.
  • Evaluate
    The data is instantly available for evaluation to a clinician or healthcare provider.
  • Engage
    After evaluation the healthcare provider can easily engage with the patient by providing feedback via text or email, directly from the 24/7 HealthView portal.

FORA 24/7 HealthView Telehealth Cloud

Using wireless technology, the HIPAA-compliant 24/7 HealthView system provides tools that empower healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patient conditions—effectively leading to better patient outcomes.

Device Connectivity and Software Solutions

From devices to services to software, we have tools that help clinicians to monitor, and patients to manage, chronic disease states more effectively.

ForaCare’s connectivity solutions allow patients to easily upload their measurement data to the cloud via Bluetooth, Cellular 3G, or Cable connections.  All of which can be applied to multiple scenarios, and allow for coverage regardless of the patient’s geographic location.  Our products, apps, and software can interact with our own 24/7 HealthView Cloud, existing telehealth programs, or directly with your own platform.

Bluetooth Devices

  • Can be paired with one or more iFORA applications
  • Automatically transmits data to the app and cloud
  • Data accessible on the cloud, anytime, anywhere

Cellular Devices

  • Transmits data using cellular signal
  • Automatically transmits data to the cloud
  • Data accessible on the cloud, anytime, anywhere

Cable Devices

  • Transmits data to a PC or Gateway unit via USB cable
  • Must use PC Uploader software or a cable gateway
  • Data accessible on the cloud, anytime, anywhere

FORA Data Exchange Model

The 24/7 HealthView Telehealth System can be integrated with any facility’s information system.  The patients test using a FORA device, the data is then transmitted to our 24/7 HealthView cloud servers, and finally available for review and management via the provider’s system.

FORA Data Exchange with Customer Cloud Server

The FORA devices can transmit measurement data to any telehealth cloud server using our 3G Gateway device

We can customize our solutions to fit your needs.