Terms and Conditions

1.Site Ownership and License Agreement

FORA TeleHealth System is one of the site products of Fora Care Inc. This license agreement is valid for all the pages which belong to www.foracare.com. By using this site, you agree to the terms of use. You should not use this site if you do not agree with this document. Fora Care Inc. retains the right to revise the agreement without notifying users. The latest terms of use can be referred to at any time by clicking the hyperlink “Term of Use” at the end of this site.

    1. The web component in this agreement includes but is not limited to the technique which is used on this site. You agree to comply with the following agreement while you use the site and data provided by Fora Care Inc. The right to use the site is only for you and not any other person. You are responsible for all operating behaviors under your account no matter which computer or password you use. You should also make sure that all operating behaviors comply with the terms in this document.
    2. Fora Care Inc. retains the right to modify or terminate the layout or the character on the site at any time, which includes but is not limited to the contents, service hours and necessary devices.

2.Changed Terms

Fora Care Inc. has the right to change or modify the terms and the application content for all users on the site. A change in the terms can be made in any form, which includes but is not limited to the fees. All changes, modifications, additions and deletions are effective immediately after Fora Care Inc. announces them either on their site or via other communication channels such as emails. Any operating behaviors after the announcement will be considered as an agreement on your part.


3.Service Description

Fora Care Inc. provides you with various web resources about health on this site, including downloads, uploads, message contacts, data transmission sharing, database management and other product information. Services on this site include upgrade, update, adding new components or any other page elements.



Any available telephone lines, computer hardware/software and any other equipment shall be provided by you when using this site.

5.User Behavior

  1. You can only use this site legally. You may not transmit or publish any data that might violate the rights of others and the use of illegal materials is prohibited. You may not threaten, intimidate, abuse, vilify others or post any vulgar words on this site. Any operating behaviors that are considered by Fora Care Inc. as going against the rights of other users are not permitted. You are not permitted to promote any kinds of commercial activities through this site, which includes but is not limited to advertising, touting for customers or describing manufacturers and providing any product information from competitors of Fora Care Inc.
  2. All copyright material, trademarks and any other information which includes but is not limited to texts, software, pictures, audios, images, music, sounds and all website contents are protected by the law of the State of California. Fora Care Inc. reserves all the right to modify, update or upgrade the above-mentioned material. You are not allowed to reproduce, resell, and fabricate derivatives or any commercial publications from all or parts of the material on this site. Unless you have the permission from Fora Care Inc., it is illegal to copy, reproduce, publish and transmit these copyright contents. You cannot delete or change the trademark and the copyright of the author. If you need to make an acknowledgement, you can download the copyright material without ownership.
  3. The user you authorize is able to access any kind of information that you publish or upload through this site. Without your authorization, the user is not permitted to change or modify the data.

6.Using the Service

  1. You are not allowed to enter, copy, access or monitor this site by using any kinds of devices, programs, modules or procedures. You may not get or try to get any data, text or any kind of information without the permission from Fora Care Inc.
  2. You may not enter the web system or screen which is not authorized by testing passwords or using other illegal means. You may not enter accounts of others without authorization.
  3. You may not impose irrational or unproportioned data in great quantities on this site by any means. You shall not interfere with the site or any relative components in any way. You shall not try to disrupt or disturb other users.
  4. You shall not forge ID or manipulate the identification software to transmit or access the data on this site. You shall not operate the account and website function without authorization.
  5. In order to enhance the safety of this system, please set the browsers to medium-to-high level or above.

7.Account, Password and Safety

  1. You shall provide your personal information correctly when registering a new account. You shall not interfere with the account management system by providing great quantities of data. Fora Care Inc. retains the right to suspend, terminate or delete the ID which tend to maliciously invade the site.
  2. You may not apply, operate or terminate the accounts for others without authorization.
  3. You shall keep your password safely. You shall not spread, publish, and transfer your ID and password. You are responsible for the operating behavior of your own ID. Fora Care Inc. is not responsible for the negligence of any browser operations or the leakage/loss of history (This includes but is not limited to cookies, browser records and temporary files).
  4. If you are a user with group permissions, you cannot spread, publish, and transfer IDs and passwords of others. Similarly, you cannot change, spread, publish, and transfer IDs, passwords and data of others without authorization. In the case of any malicious behavior, Fora Care Inc. retains the right to terminate your ID and permissions. Fora Care Inc. retains the right to refuse your use of this site in the future.

8.Software and Document Notification

Fora Care Inc. will inform you about any software components, functions, document upgrades, updates and any other information (including the change of service terms) via the following methods: e-mails, paper letters, mobile SMS, text messages, posts on this site or any other reasonable method. If you are authorized to access the website and you agree with the service clause, all notifications will be considered as arrived.

9.Limitation of Liability Statement

  1. Fora Care Inc. neither guarantees that the contents, service and merchandise of the website is free of faults or interruption, nor will all the defects be fixed. This statement is valid for any damage, responsibility or harm caused by non-performing debts, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, computer viruses, communication line failure thefts or destruction or unauthorized access, alteration and use.
  2. All records on this site is uploaded or input by users. The analyses are calculated from the formula offered by the credible organization. Fora Care Inc. does not judge these analyses. You agree and understand that the content on this site does not necessarily coincide with professional medical opinions. This service cannot replace the service of a hospital or the diagnosis of a doctor, case manager or any relevant medical staff. In addition, this service cannot replace the evaluation of insurance institutes.
  3. Fora Care Inc. shall proceed hereafter at any time without notification to (1) modify, suspend or terminate this site or any part of it for any reason; (2) alter or change the content and policy of this site or any part of it; (3) interrupt the service, correct errors and/or carry out any regular/random maintenance and (4) stop providing service due to natural disasters.



  1. If you transgress this agreement, Fora Care Inc. retains the right to suspend or terminate the service. You shall not ask for any indemnification or compensation.
  2. Fora Care Inc. can move, delete or terminate the service anytime without notification if you publish, transmit, dispatch or save the data which goes against the law, transgress this agreement or violate rights of others. In this situation, Fora Care Inc. shall not be responsible for the damage. You are responsible for any compensation if you cause any harm to Fora Care Inc.