The FORA IR42 forehead thermometer has been acclaimed by many agencies and organizations for its excellent quality, accuracy, and reliability. Many organizations have purchased large quantities of IR42 thermometers to donate to diplomatic allies and institutions around the world.

See below for three examples that were featured in the news recently.

Taiwan Ireland Association donates FORA IR42 forehead thermometers to the local nursing facilities, the Cheshire Limerick

The Taiwan Ireland Association donated 10 IR42 non-contact infrared thermometers as part of a batch of personal protective equipment to assist long-term care institutions in Ireland to continue fighting against COVID-19.

Director Margaret Molyneaux, a representative of the Citi Limerick Nursing Home, said a special thanks to the Taiwan community for donating relevant medical supplies that are urgently needed.

Taiwanese entrepreneurs donates 500 sets of FORA IR42 forehead thermometers to the Nicaragua Ministry of Health

Chairman Zheng Yufeng, a Taiwanese businessman in Nicaragua, donated 500 IR42 non-contact infrared thermometers to the Ministry of Health in Nigeria to help fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

Secretary General Carlos Saénz said this donation showcases the love of the people of Taiwan and fully demonstrates the spirit of “Taiwan Can Help” as these two countries unite together to provide high-quality services and monitor and ensure people’s health.

Taiwan company donates IR42 forehead thermometers to the Holy See in Italy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Taidoc donated 500 IR42 forehead thermometers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who sent them to Holy See in Rome to help them open their doors for public mass ceremonies. As part of COVID-19 prevention requirements, everyone interested in attending must pass a temperature test.

Li Shiming, the Ambassador to the Holy See, said he is very happy to see Italy gradually unblocking the ban under the stabilization of the epidemic and he is grateful for the quick response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.