With ForaCare’s remote patient monitoring solution, you can increase patient access to care and improve chronic disease management—all while receiving reimbursement!

A total of 6 new reimbursement codes have been added to the 2019 and 2020 Medicare fee schedule in the category of Chronic Care Remote Physiologic Monitoring:

  • Code 99453 Reported when onboarding a new patient into a RPM program, equipment set-up and patient education on the equipment
  • Code 99454 Reported when the patient receives a RPM device for monitoring for a 30-day period
  • Code 99457 Reported when a qualified healthcare professional spends 20 minutes of time monitoring, including interactive communication via phone, text, or email
  • Code 99458 Reported when an additional 20 minutes of interactive communication is provided to the patient/caregiver, and is billed in conjunction with code 99457
  • Code 99473 Reported when educating and training a patient on a self-measured blood pressure device
  • Code 99474 Reported when a patient reports self-measured blood pressure readings: two readings, one minute apart, twice daily for a 30-day period, including providing a treatment plan to the patient