RN Staffing Solutions recently added ForaCare’s remote patient monitoring solution to their chronic care management service and is already getting started with onboarding hypertensive patients for a pilot program.

The RPM solution for hypertension includes the FORA® TN’G BP Blood Pressure Monitoring System and the iFORA BP App along with the 24/7 HealthView Telehealth Solution, an online platform where physicians can access their patients’ vitals anytime, anywhere.

However, hypertension is not the only chronic disease RN Staffing Solutions will be managing as more clients sign up for remote patient monitoring. They plan to use a variety of FORA devices to remotely monitor diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and COPD as well.

“The best thing about ForaCare is that their solution is easy to implement,” said Patty McMahon, RN, MS, Senior VP of Healthcare Services, of RN Staffing Solutions. “Plus, everything is included with ForaCare’s end-to-end solution. We don’t have to shop around to get what we need.”

With the full remote patient monitoring solution available, RN Staffing Solutions uses their implementation and workflow expertise to help clients identify patients, provide education and training, enroll patients, and increase practice revenue by billing the numerous insurance companies including Medicare that reimburse for remote patient monitoring.

Additionally, RN Staffing Solutions provides high-quality customer service to ensure a smooth process while improving health outcomes.

For more information about ForaCare’s remote patient monitoring solution or to request a live demonstration, contact us.