After just a few months, the FORA® Mobile Care Station (MCS) has already begun operating in numerous Senior Housing Companies communities, a company that provides high-quality services and expertise in the assisted living industry.

“This is exactly the solution we’ve been looking for,” said Joy Laudick, Director of Clinical Quality Manager, Senior Housing Companies, regarding the MCS. “We really like the customization of the whole system and the simplicity of the app.”

Nearly 75% of communities under the management of Senior Housing Companies will be using the MCS for more efficient patient monitoring by the end of the year. The efficiency comes from its connectivity, which ultimately reduces human error and saves staff time.

All the FORA Bluetooth-enabled devices connect to the iFORA CS (PCC) app on an iPad rather than a proprietary tablet. Since the data automatically populates, there are fewer manual entries and no lag when data uploads to the app and the PointClickCare® Electronic Health Record portal.

Laudick said the PointClickCare integration is significant in enhancing patient management as part of the Mobile Care Station’s complete solution.

For more information about the Mobile Care Station or to request a live demo, please contact ForaCare.