FORA Mobile Care Station Provides Best Cost Advantage for Long-Term Care Facilities     The FORA® Mobile Care Station's features include: The Latest Innovative Technology The Mobile Care Station includes up to 5 devices that measure blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, temperature, and weight. The long-term care facility has the option to choose only the vital signs they need to help control costs. Data Integrity Prior to taking a patient’s measurements, the staff is able to confirm [...]

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The FORA Mobile Care Station Brings Efficiency to Nursing Facilities

The FORA® Mobile Care Station, recently developed by ForaCare, Inc., is an efficient and convenient solution for nursing facility staff to easily measure vitals and consistently monitor their residents who have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure and COPD. Five individual devices—used to measure blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, weight and pulse oxygen—are arranged on one roller cart for portability and ease of access. Each [...]

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ForaCare, Inc. and PointClickCare Achieve Medical Device Integration

ForaCare, Inc. and PointClickCare are announcing an integration of FORA medical devices and the PointClickCare platform. Vital signs and weight measurements are now delivered instantly and accurately from FORA devices to medical profiles in the PointClickCare Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform via wireless technology. This expedites access to accurate clinical information, which helps initiate care plan interventions that reduce hospital readmissions. MOORPARK, Calif. – ForaCare, Inc., the leading [...]

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