Prestige Healthcare Supplies recently partnered with ForaCare Inc. to distribute FORA Mobile Care Stations to nursing facilities to improve the process of capturing and monitoring vital signs.

“Many facilities still rely on manual entries for vital sign measurements,” said Scott Gentry, owner of Prestige Healthcare Supplies. The Mobile Care Station makes the staff’s job much easier since it automatically uploads data directly from its monitoring devices to the PointClickCare Electronic Health Records; no manual entries required.

Prestige Healthcare Supplies owner Scott Gentry, along with a nursing home administrator and director, presents the FORA Mobile Care Stations.

“Usually they’re all so excited when we first get in there. It’s better than what they had,” he said. “They’re really excited to have their own Mobile Care Station in each hallway.”

The nursing facilities have already seen positive outcomes as a result of the Mobile Care Station. For example, the ForaCare system has alerted nursing facility staff to various health complications such as atrial fibrillation and they were able to take action immediately. The Mobile Care Station also saves staff time and makes everyone more accountable because of the time/date stamp that comes with every measurement.

“When the Mobile Care Station was formed, I could see the promise in it,” Gentry said.

Gentry initially began working with ForaCare under his company Prestige Medical Supply Inc. selling diabetes meters and test strips. Once the Mobile Care Station was released, Gentry decided to create an offshoot company with its focus solely on the Mobile Care Station.

“I’m very positive about it,” he said about the partnership. “Our philosophy here is: we’re just a team. We’re doing all we can on our side and they’re doing all they can on their side. I’ve never once felt abandoned by ForaCare. Any time we’ve had an issue it’s been dealt with as soon as possible.”

Linda Guillot, ForaCare’s Senior Sales Executive shared his sentiment stating, “It has been really exciting working alongside Scott and Prestige Healthcare Supplies to grow the Mobile Care Station sector. We couldn’t be happier with the success of our partnership!”

For more information on the Mobile Care Station or to request a live demo, please contact us.