The iFORA Smart App is the perfect solution for anyone measuring and monitoring multiple parameters with FORA® devices.

It encompasses blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, temperature, and pulse oximetry plus a variety of blood tests including ketones—all in one smartphone app. And users have the option to remove any parameters left unused for quick customization.

Simply pair each FORA device to the Smart App via Bluetooth. The sleek design makes the app easy to use as users manage and develop their personal health plan for better chronic disease management. 

  • View measurements individually or in charts and graphs
  • See out-of-range data by color
  • Understand BMI and hypertension classifications
  • Input additional data including nutrition, exercise, medication, and insulin

Plus the Smart App allows users to send the data to the FORA 24/7 HealthView Telehealth System so physicians can review the information in real time and monitor patients better.

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